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SPSC Science Festival 2017

 At a Glance

Students, get ready for an exciting experience! Why? Because "SPSC Science Club" of Shaheed Police Smrity College  is going to organize "SPSC National Science Festival 2017." The fest intends to give you a wide range of experience in every field because Science is connected to every aspect of our life. This grand festival will be held in our college premises from 16,17 & 18 November 2017.

The Events are divided into 3 (Three) groups:
Class 3-7 Primary Group
Class 8-10 Junior Group
Class 11-12 Senior Group

Events Name:

01. Olympiads-
• Physics.
• Chemistry.
• Mathematics.
• Biology.
• Bio-Chemistry.
• ICT.
• Astronomy.
• Nature & Environment Science (Junior & Senior)
• General Science (Primary & Junior)

02. Project Display-
• Mechanical.
• Non - Mechanical.
• IT
• Eco- Friendly

03. Science Based Wall-Magazine Competition

04.Science Based Debate Competition

05. Quiz Competition
• Group 1: Junior (Class VIII-X)
• Group 2: Senior (Class XI-XII)

06. Rubik’s Cube-
• Rubik's Cube Boys Senior competition - (Class XI-XII)
• Rubik's Cube Boys Junior competition - (Class VIII-X)
• Rubik's Cube Girls competition - (Class VIII-XII)

07. IQ test.
08. Sudoku.
09. Science Fiction Story Writing.
10. Scrapbook Display.
12. Science Based Extempore Speech.
13. .Digital Project Display
14. Eco Vocabulary.
15. Short Film
16. Art Competition
17. Photograph Contest
18. Musical Show
Event Details

Important Notes:
• "SPSC Science Club" only reserves the authority to select the time, venue, subject, judges and mentors. Objections should be notified to the Science Club.
• In the competitions, the judge's decision is to be accepted as the final judgment. No objection from participants will be entertained concerning these matters.
• All events are open for both school & college students.
• All participants from different institutions are requested to follow the rules and regulations stated above and help "SPSC Science Club" to make this event successful.

• The questions will be in both Bengali and English.
• The time for each Olympiad will be limited to 30 minutes.
• During the Olympiads, we will only provide answer sheets.
• Participants must bring their own equipment to the Olympiads.

Project Display:
• Each team may consist of up to 3 members.
• Project display will be open to all students.
• Participants must bring masking tape, scotch-tape and multi-plugs of their own.

Wall Magazine:
• The editorial panel can consist of up to 3 members.
• The topics of the magazine are not restricted.
• The magazine can be presented in both Bengali and English.

Quiz Competition:
• Each team can consist of no more or less than 2 members.
• There will be both preliminary and final round in the competition.

Rubik’s Cube:
• Each institution may send up to 5 participants for Rubik’s Cube competition.
• Every participant must bring their own Rubik’s Cube for the competition.

IQ Test:
• There will be 20 different questions.
• The time will be limited to 30 minutes.

• Question will be both in English and Bengali.
• The winner will be decided according to the time calculated by the authority.

Science Fiction Story Writing:
• Topics will be selected by us.
• Both English and Bengali language is allowed.
• Time limit will be 30 minutes

Scrapbook Display
• Each participant must present their own scrapbook.
• No team is allowed, No restriction for scrapbook subject.

Extempore Speech:
• The participants will be given a topic through lottery system.
• The participants will be given 3 minutes to prepare themselves.
• The speech needs to be delivered within 3 minutes.

Criminal Identification:
• A crime story will be given with a series of 10 questions.
• Participants have to go to next level by answering correct questions.
• Time limit for each question will be 2 minutes.

Static Website Display Competition:
• Your Team have to design a static web page using HTML and CSS and showcase it using your own device.
• Each team may consist of up to 2 members, concept of the web page can be anything.
• Each team has to make 3 static web page including home and about us.
• Participants must bring their own device and necessary equipment’s.

Digital Project Display.
• The topic must be science based.
• Each team may consist of up to 2 members.
• The presentation must be completed within 10 slides, Time limit will be 5 minutes.

Eco Vocabulary
• Participants have to write as many correct scientific names of plants as they can within 10 minutes.

We will be expecting your valuable presence in our celebration to make some wonderful cherishing moments of lifetime.

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