Best education, Highest morality and Supreme patriotism

School Code : 7759 | College Code: 7270 | EIIN : 132127

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Welcome to Shaheed Police Smrity College, Dhaka

Shaheed police Smrity College is one of the most prominent and renowned College of Dhaka. It is situated in police complex at Mirpur the midst of a serene and peaceful environment. The aristocratic history, gigantic green campus along with the dedicated teaching staffs makes this institution highly desirable to students and parents and an institute to be proud of.

Currently, there are approximately 8000 students studying under 200 dedicated & best teachers. The Results are highly satisfying and appreciable. The motto of the College is "Best education, Highest morality and Supreme patriotism”.

Being such a behemoth and idyllic institution, Shaheed police Smrity College felt the requirement to be integrated with the current era of information technology. Today the major means of communication of an organization depends upon the use of media technology and related gadgets. We just cannot afford to lag behind in the era of digital technology and miss to utilize the great arena and resources it offers.

So, this is the official website for Shaheed police Smrity College and represents everything that we can offer and bears the digital identity of the school. The website is dynamic and provides a new dimension of communication, which will open up endless opportunities for the well being of all its stake holders.